• Deliveries to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, with LTL and FedEx available for deliveries outside of our normal delivery area.

• All feed and bedding is transported and stored exclusively on our trucks and in our warehouse to avoid possible contamination.

• Orders are delivered within 24 hours of placement.

• All products are shipped on a first in first out basis

• For tracking purposes, all date codes are recorded upon arrival and noted on the invoice for each product purchased.

• Delivery Trucks are all FRP Bodies (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood). This allows the bodies to be cleaned inside and out without any possibility of trapped moisture or infestation.

• Straight truck and van deliveries for access to small dock areas common at many research facilities

• All products shipped on Plastic Pallets

• CLS employees will deliver products to customer specified buildings and rooms

• Back up truck and driver always on hand in case any unforeseen problems or emergency needs arise.