Zupreem Avian Fruit Blend Diet bird foods are a nutritionally complete and naturally extruded pellet both you and your bird will love. They are comprised of colorful fruit shaped and flavored particles and they contain all the nutrition your bird requires.

8002 Fruit Blend XS Finch / Canary 2 lb
8102 Fruit Blend SM Parakeet 2 lb
8202 Fruit Blend Med Cockatiel 2 lb
8303 Fruit Blend Med/Lg Parrot / Conure 3.5 lb
8403 Fruit Blend Large Parrot 3.5 lb
8010 Fruit Blend XS Finch / Canary 10 lb
8110 Fruit Blend SM Parakeet 10 lb
8312 Fruit Blend Med/Lg Parrot / Conure 12 lb
8412 Fruit Blend Large Parrot 12 lb
8217 Fruit Blend Med Cockatiel 17.5 lb
8317 Fruit Blend Med/Lg Parrot / Conure 17.5 lb
8417 Fruit Blend Large Parrot 17.5 lb
8235 Fruit Blend Med Cockatiel 35 lb
8335 Fruit Blend Med/Lg Parrot / Conure 35 lb
8435 Fruit Blend Large Parrot 35 lb

Zupreem Natural Avian Maintenance Diets bird foods are a naturally preserved, pelleted diet manufactured under the strictest quality control standards.  This food meets the nutritional needs of birds without adding artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

*9420 Avian Maintenance Large Parrot 3 lb
*9320 Avian Maint. Parrot/Conure 3 lb
*9220 Avian Maintenance Cockatiel 2.5 lb
*9120 Avian Maintenance Parakeet 2.25 lb
**9450 Avian Maintenance Large Parrot 20 lb
**9350 Avian Maint. Parrot/Conure 20 lb
**9250 Avian Maintenance Cockatiel 20 lb
**9150 Avian Maintenance Parakeet 20 lb

Soft Bill Diets-Low guaranteed iron levels of less than 80 ppm. Formulated for iron-sensitive adult birds such as toucans, mynahs, toucanets and aracaris.

4420 Low-Iron Softbill Diet 2.5 lb
4450 Low-Iron Softbill Diet 20 lb

Lory Diet-Small flower-shaped, colorful pellets with a tropical fruit flavor and aroma to add variety and fiber to your special bird’s diet.

4220 Fruit Blend Lory Diet Nuggets 2.5 lb
4250 Fruit Blend Lory Diet Nuggets 20 lb

Zupreem Avian Breeder Diets have the same nutritionally balanced diet as the Avian Maintenance Diets, but with higher levels of protein, fat, and calcium for breeding birds or birds requiring higher levels of these nutrients.

**7760 Breeder Fruit Blend Cockatiel 40 lb
**7860 Breeder Fruit Blend Parrot/Conure 40 lb
**7960 Breeder Fruit Blend Large Parrot 40 lb

Natural Breeder-Appeals to breeders who want to feed a more natural diet.  Now with carrots, celery, beets, watercress, and spinach, ground from fresh vegetables for a new veggie flavor in Each nugget.  Naturally tan, oval-shaped nuggets with no artificial preservatives or colors

**7560 Breeder Natural Parrot/Conure 40 lb
**7660 Breeder Natural Cockatiel 40 lb

Embrace-Formulated with moderate levels of fat and protein.  It is suitable for most species of hookbills and softbills, including Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Parakeets and Lovebirds during growth.  Protein 22%, Fat 9%

9604 Embrace 5 lb
9608 Embrace 10 lb

Embrace Plus-Formulated with moderate levels of protein and higher levels of fat for larger species that benefit from a more energy-dense diet.  Great results are observed when this diet is fed to growing Macaws, African Grays, Conures, Amazons and Indian Ringneck parakeets.  Protein 19%, Fat 13%

9612 Embrace Plus 5 lb
9616 Embrace Plus 10 lb

Smart Selects™ is a healthy and balanced alternative to other daily bird food blends. This delectable combination of grains, seeds and fruit is full of delicious flavors your bird will love.

30020 Smart Selects Canary / Finch 2 lb
31020 Smart Selects Parakeet 2 lb
31150 Smart Selects Parakeet 15 lb
32020 Smart Selects Cockatiel / Luv Bird 2.5 lb
32150 Smart Selects Cockatiel / Luv Bird 15 lb
33040 Smart Selects Parrot / Conure 4 lb
33150 Smart Selects Parrot / Conure 15 lb
34040 Smart Selects Macaws 4 lb
34150 Smart Selects Macaws 15 lb
39010 Smart Selects Original Bird Treat 2.5 oz
39015 Smart Selects Tropical Bird Treat 2.5 oz
39020 Smart Selects Blossom Bird Treat 2.5 oz
30020 Smart Selects Canary / Finch 2 lb


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