Horse Feed

Omolene 100 delivers superior quality that helps keep horses looking great. Incredibly Palatable diet that provides 100% of required vitamins & minerals.

Pro Fat Lysine
100 Omolene 100 50 lb 10.0 4.5 0.6

Omolene 200 is a highly palatable, optimal performance nutrition for horses competing in any discipline.

Pro Fat Lysine
200 Omolene 200 50 lb 14.0 6.0 0.7

Omolene 300 is a high quality, high-fat nutrition for foals, with a precise blend of amino acids to promote smooth muscle and bone development.

Pro Fat Lysine
300 Omolene 300 50 lb 16.0 6.0 0.9

Omolene 400 is a complete sweet feed for performance & breeding horses w/forage built in.

Pro Fat Lysine
352K Omolene 400 40 lb 12.0 5.5 0.5

Omolene 500 provides the energy and nutrition horses need to perform at their best throughout an entire event or to maintain their hard working lifestyle

Pro Fat Lysine
352M Omolene 500 50 lb 12.0 8.0 0.7

Ultium is the gold standard in sports nutrition.  An energy dense formula that requires less feed for maintenance of body condition.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35QZ Ultium Complete Horse Formula 50 lb 11.7 12.4 0.7

Country Acres is a regionally formulated feed to provide nutrition for mature horses.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35DN Country Acres Sweet Feed 10% 50 lb 10.0
     357G Country Acres Sweet 12% 50 lb 12.0
     35DS Country Acres Pellet 12% 50 lb 12.0

Equine Senior features built in Forage, highly palatable and supplies 100% of required vitamin and minerals.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35YC Equine Senior 50 lb 14.0 5.5 0.7

Equine Adult is a complete conrolled feed w/ built-in forage for your horse’s middle years to provide more control over the horse’s entire ration.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35V7 Equine Adult 50 lb 12.0 3.0 0.0

Strategy is a pelleted horse feed for all ages & lifestyles. High Quality proteins w/ essential amino acids.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35SS Strategy 50 lb 14.0 6.0 0.9

Wellsove LS offers a simpler dietary option for special needs horses that may benefit from a low starch and sugar diet. No Grains or Molases.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35SW Well Solve LS (low starch) 50 lb 12.0 5.5 0.7

Well Solve WC satisfies a horse’s nutritional needs without adding extra weight.

Pro Fat Lysine
     35TD Well Solve WC (weight control) 50 lb 12.0 1.0 0.7

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