Mazuri Ferret Diet is an extruded, high energy, nutrient dense, palatable, dry diet, which provides the nutrients needed for complete life-cycling feeding of ferrets.

Pro Fat Fib
   5M08 Mazuri Ferret Food   25 lb 38.0 20.0 4.0

Zupreem Ferret Diet

The best care for ferrets begins with proper nutrition.  Pet owners know it takes a highly digestible balanced diet to help their pets remain strong and energetic throughout their growth and adult life stages.  ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diets contains 40% protein and 20% fat – a more nutrient dense diet than most competitive ferret foods.  High quality chicken and eggs make the irresistible taste ferrets love.

6940 ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet 4 lb
6948 ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet 8 lb
6955 ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet 30 lb

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